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Despite the increasing frequency of litigation, too many organizations today are still unprepared for legal holds and eDiscovery requests. Often this is because they do not know what information they have, where it is located, how many duplicate copies may exist, who may have the information, or how to distinguish what is relevant from what is not. Additionally, employees asked to assist with these efforts often have little or no understanding of what is required, why it is important, or what steps to take.

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Data Breaches and HIPAA Compliance – Executive Insight

Data Breaches and HIPAA Compliance
Executive Insight
For providers, giving consumers better access to information is important, but the real challenge lies in ensuring HIPAA-compliance security and preventing data breaches.

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VW’s diesel sales frozen until compliance is proven, EPA official says – Automotive News

Automotive News VW’s diesel sales frozen until compliance is proven, EPA official says Automotive News In order to be able to resume sales of diesels, Grundler said, VW has to engineer a fix to bring those vehicles into compliance, and receive EPA…

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Top Certifications for Information Professionals – Part 1

This month 2-20’s blog takes a look at the leading records and information governance certifications for information professionals.  Written by 2-20’s resident information governance (IG) expert Ilona N. Koti.  Ilona gives an overview of the top certification choices available for practitioners looking to further their careers through accredited bodies and professional organizations.  Read On.

Top Certifications for Information Professionals – Part 1

1.Last month we took a brief look at records and information management related certificates, certifications and degrees and explained the impact and importance of each in terms of requirements and benefits from an information professional’s perspective.  This month, we are going to look at the leading certifications for information governance (IG) practitioners.  With a brief overview of each certification and a web link for additional information, the sections below provide a starting point for information managers to identify additional credentials to enhance their career tracts.  Everyone has different career goals, therefore some individuals may complete one or more of the certifications (and in various orders) depending upon their specific personal requirements.  Keep in mind that credentials typically equate to higher salaries and/or prestigious positions, so the more relevant certifications one has, typically the higher their demand.  If you have any additional certifications that you feel may benefit IG practitioners, send me an email and I’ll put together another blog.  After all, the goal is to always keep learning.  Finally, with full impartiality, the certification listings are in alphabetical order.

  1. Certified Document and Image Architect (CDIA+) – Maintained by CompTIA http://certification.comptia.org/getCertified/certifications/cdia.aspx, a leading technology certification provider, the updated CDIA+ (Certified Document and Image Architect) allows trainees the ability to have a strong understanding of how enterprise continent management (ECM)/electronic document management systems (EDMS) actually function. The CDIA+ gives a very good overview of imaging requirements as well as reviewing the basic technology functionality and terminology required to operate an ECM/EDMS. If you are considering implementing a document/information management system within your organization that you will have significant  responsibility and oversight for, the CDIA+ is a valuable credential to have prior to system selection and/or implementation.  There is also no ongoing certification maintenance requirement.  An outline of the exam is available here:  http://certification.comptia.org/docs/default-source/exam-objectives/CDIA_CD0-001_ENG_DRAFT.pdf
  2. Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) – Created by the IAPP (International Association for Privacy Professionals) https://privacyassociation.org/, the CIPP is the brass ring certification in the privacy profession. With ever increasing security and data breaches, privacy is a core element of information governance, plus the growing number of Chief Privacy Officer roles correlates to open, upcoming jobs that will need to be filled. The IAPP offers several variations of the CIPP certification, such as a focus on government, Europe, US, IT and overall privacy program management.  With over 20,000 members, the IAPP is one of the fastest growing information professional organizations.  Specifics on the exam can be found here: https://privacyassociation.org/certify
  3. Certified Information Professional (CIP) – Brought to you by AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) http://www.aiim.org/, the CIP places emphasis on information management practices. AIIM and ARMA both offer various educational offerings such as books, webinars and in person training in addition to a large annual conference. While AIIM is said to currently have a more technical focus than ARMA, both organizations collectively complement each other and provide excellent resources for information professionals.  The CIP has a practical how-to approach and incorporates a technology based focus for information management programs.  Further details are available here: http://www.aiim.org/Training/Certification
  4. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification – The Information System Security Certification Consortium, Inc. (ISC)² https://www.isc2.org/, is a not-for-profit organization focused on certifying information security professionals. (ISC)², through the CISSP certification, offers some very rigorous training to ensure that the highest levels of security are met when designing and deploying information systems.  If you find that your organization requires heightened security or risk mitigation to procure or manage its data, the CISSP credential is the gold standard for systems security and design.  More information on the credential is available here: https://www.isc2.org/cissp/default.aspx

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Ilona N. Koti is a Certified Records Manager (CRM) through the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM).  Ilona is also a PMP, CDIA+, has two masters degrees from Syracuse in addition to 20+ years in libraries and information governance.

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